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Male Escort: New York and worldwide, Tyler is the ultimate in luxury male escort companionship. Read his blog and follow @tylerthebadwolf on twitter for updates!
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Minor Details

I always welcome your correspondence and I think that’s an excellent way to get to know someone better before you meet, but please be aware that I don’t discuss or make promises about what may or may not happen during our time together. If you wanna know more about what I like, you can find that here, or more visually, here. I’m also very glad to hear about what your interests are, providing you don’t phrase them along the lines of “how much will it cost me for X?”


Respect is the name of the game for me.

I will do everything in my power to treat you and our time together with the utmost discretion and cordiality, and I simply expect the same from you. Think of this like any date! Wow me with your kindness and charm. I promise to bring mine along as well 😉


I once read that discretion is a two-way street; clients may prefer not to advertise what goes on behind closed doors, and companions may prefer not to allow their work to overlap with their personal lives. Although I have an internet presence, you’ll notice that I do not discuss the details of what I do on dates, or give anything close to details of who I see and what they do or how they act. I am a firm believer in keeping my secrets secret. Also, as I do not offer illegal activities or services, discussing them will not be tolerated. Use your best judgement.


I never like discussing money, and I have found that it is optimal for everyone (and helps keep all expectations in line) if there is no negotiation in my rates. They are as posted here and I am not interested in debating them. I can promise you that once we meet, cost will be the last thing you care to think about. That said, if you have a question, it is always better to ask than to be uninformed. I would rather put your mind at ease than worry about getting offended. Gentle reminder – compensation is for my time alone and nothing else is implied or offered.


If you wish to provide a little bit of information about who you are and your experience level, just for the sake of my comfort, I always like knowing and can promise that information will go no further. If we’re meeting for the first time, nothing helps prevent nervousness like insight (for me as well as for you!). If you may have hired or reviewed in the past, I LOVE reading about your other adventures – send them along for me to enjoy.


Because of my concern for discretion, I will not, as a general rule, initiate contact. If someone else may be holding your phone, or reading over your shoulder, I would never deign to email or text you without you first initiating the exchange. This means that if we book in advance, and don’t have a running dialogue back and forth, but you would like confirmation beforehand, I would prefer that you reach out to confirm our meeting, so that I don’t spontaneously pop up on your screen, unexpected.

This sentiment goes for contact after our meeting as well. You are in charge of our correspondence, so please do not be dismayed if I do not reach out to you after we have met. I am only waiting to hear from you first.


This post on my blog has some relevant details for contacting and communicating with escorts/companions and might be a good read if you’re newer to it.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes life gets in the way of fun. I understand. If you need to cancel our appointment, I ask that you give me as much notice as you possibly can, so that I may adjust my schedule accordingly. I’m a busy guy, and an appointment for pleasure is also a business appointment – allow me a chance to reschedule myself as soon as you know.


Once again, I do not like to talk about money. I find those conversations crass and overly familiar. We will not discuss finances during our meet up, so please plan accordingly: a white envelope tucked into a card, gift bag, or your favorite book (which would give us something to discuss on our next adventure!). Or if you’re feeling bold, slip it into my back pocket while I’m distracted 😉 I’ve never been fond of the ‘money’s on the dresser’ way of handling things.

Travel and Exclusive Engagements

I’m a great, drama-free international travel companion, and I am also available to travel to you (or offer you my time exclusively for a specific period of time – a great way to avoid making multiple dates on a single trip). Please inquire. It’s less complicated than you’d expect.


Reviews are a complicated matter. Although, to date, all of mine have been glowing and kind, please don’t take previous interactions as set-lists or menus for how our time will or should be spent. Every encounter is different and special. Seriously!

I always welcome honest reviews, and if you choose to write one, I have a few minor requests, just to make things smoother for me:

1. I ask that you forward your review along to me, so that I can know about it before the internet at large does. Most review sites don’t tell you that new information has been posted and I always like to know when I’m receiving compliments.

2. I ask that you don’t go into gory detail about how we’ve spent our time. I don’t want anyone to be confused about things between us, and sometimes these details can muddy our good time. Besides, the best stuff is just for you and me. Not for people spending endless hours reading review sites.

3. Be honest. I would always prefer you write nothing instead of a long and gratuitous flattery – keep your thoughts genuine and say what you really thought during our time together.

Please though, don’t feel obligated to review me afterwards. I’m not a product, this isn’t Yelp, and I’m just as happy to keep our secrets secret.


I’m almost always amenable to a multi-car pileup, though it does affect my rate, so please inform me about it first. Don’t let me show up to “SURPRISE! ALSO THIS OTHER PERSON!”


I can be tricky to schedule sometimes. My life is flexible, but I do have other commitments. I will make every effort to accommodate you, but as much notice as possible makes that much more likely. Have dates and times in mind when you reach out to me so I can let you know right away what my availability is like. If you’re coming to New York on a trip, don’t wait until you’re here to put something on my calendar! Book me when you book your flight and we can adjust as the date draws nearer.

My newsletter includes my upcoming travel, so be sure and sign up to receive any updates I have coming out.