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"The best compliment I receive in my escort reviews is the notion that I'm real. That I'm the 'real thing.' I'm present and connected and have so much gratitude for my role and experiences. You could say I #lovewhatido."
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About Me

I’m just a guy

I’m a real, southern-raised, northern-living dude who happens to be exceptionally sexual in addition to being intelligent, educated, and well spoken. I’ve spent the better part of the last decade being fascinated with sex and sexuality and the power and the honesty that it simultaneously allows and demands.

Before that I spent the better part of my teen years being fascinated with every penis I could get my hands on, and got myself into a lot of trouble along the way. I was a bad kid who (sort of) grew up into a better adult. Though my single-minded fixation on male sexuality has only gotten worse since my teens. Especially when it comes to grownup, professional men that one might otherwise not be expecting to be looking for any free opportunity to jam their hands down their pants. Those guys are the most fascinating guys.



  • Height: 6′
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Shoe: 10.5
  • Waist: 34″
  • Inseam: 31-32″
  • Underwear: Medium
  • Jock: Medium
  • Business: 7.5 uncut
  • Body Hair: Trimmed
  • Role: Passionately Dominant



Not everything gets summed up in the little tabs up top. If you have a burning question and don’t see it answered here, feel free to email me directly.

What's with the name?

My name is Tyler Dårlig Ulv.  Tyler is an old English word that means door keeper of an inn (which – based on how much of my life is spent in hotels – seems apt) and  Dårlig Ulv (daar – lig – ULF) literally translates from Norwegian as “Bad Wolf.”  So, Tyler the Bad Wolf.   

Are all the photos on your site really you?

Most definitely.  All of my photos are arranged and dated accurately.  I’m a tricky model (I don’t do ‘faking it for the camera‘ very well) so I never feel like photos really capture me. Luckily I’m often told that my photos don’t do me justice and I’m reasonably sure that you’ll be pleased with my appearance in person.

Are your rates negotiable?

They are not. I find discussing money to be sort of uncouth and I’ve put a lot of time and thought into the value ascribed to what I offer.  The one thing I can promise you is that once we’re together, my rate will be the last thing you have time to think about.

Is incall available?

It is not.  But I do realize that discretion is of the utmost importance to lots of people.  If you need or prefer me to secure accommodations for us, please specify when and where would be most convenient, and let’s discuss how I can best arrange our time together.

Do you have a phone number that I can call?

I am very much a boy of my generation when it comes to this one.  I highly prefer to keep our correspondence to email, but if we have already met, I will be glad to provide you with a private number at which I can be reached.

As far as texting (obviously a much better option than calling), G-rated messages can go to my cell, but anything else, including photos, dirty talk, and directions or addresses needs to go through the Telegram app. You can read about why here. I promise it’s just for our safety.

Do you see women or couples?

Yes. And yes! Although I am very selective about this.  As with all of my engagements, I do not simply accept every offer that comes my way, and I like to have a chance to develop a genuine rapport with someone I like and trust – even when there may be more than one person involved. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your plans.

What is your schedule?

I work for myself as a freelance writer and graphic designer, but my schedule can still be very tricky. Advanced appointments are the very best way to make sure we can meet up. I hate saying no to same day requests, but this is often necessary. Even 24 hours notice sometimes can make all the difference!

Do you have any reviews?

I do, and you can find me on Daddy’s Reviews. Although you should not take those as menus or promises for things that may take place between us.  The practice of revealing private or intimate details in a public forum is not one I’m fond of and I believe it compromises the discretion assumed in the relationship I hope we’re going to have.

You won’t find a single mention of what transpires between you and I (or anyone else, for that matter) on my site, my blog, or on any of my social media presences. I don’t ‘talk shop’ about clients with other companions and believe ‘outing’ someone to be one of the lowest acts someone can commit with such trusted and private information.

If do you feel compelled to review me after our time together, I much prefer an honest testimonial to a blow-by-blow of what took place. My preference is always for a review that reveals no graphic detail.  But I’m also just as happy to keep our secrets just between us.

Do you expect tips?

I do not. Tips and gifts are never required and any additional generosity you choose to extend will be met with surprise and excitement.

How will you be dressed for our date?

My personal style is hard to pin down.  But it’s mostly collared shirts, dress pants, and boots.  It’s J Crew meets H&M meets Legolas with a septum ring.

At 6 feet tall with long blonde hair, I don’t blend into a crowd well, but I don’t make it a point to stand out, especially in respectable settings.  You won’t ever see me out in: jeans, tank tops, sneakers, sweatpants, or athletic clothing.  My appearance is important to me and I will always be dressed appropriately, for any occasion.

I'd like to buy you a gift. Any recommendations?

Wow! Ok! Thank you in advance! I have an amazon wish list to inspire you, and an ever-expanding collection of underwear that always needs restocking. Pick out something sexy that you’d like to see me in and then help me try it on when we’re together! I’m partial to Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, 2x1st, underwear and Bike and Duke brand jockstraps.

There are also loads of fascinating books on my wish list if you want something we can discuss on our next meeting.

What exactly do you offer?

I’m a professional, elite companion, and what I offer is merely my time. I do not sell/contract/offer sexual activities in exchange for money. My goals are to make our relationship memorable, stimulating, and authentic. I want to develop a genuine connection in which we look forward to seeing one another again and again, with the promise that I won’t ever ask more of you than you can offer.

I am glad and excited to be with you at your convenience but I will not bring the expectations or demands of a typical boyfriend.  I’m here when you want and absent when you’re through.

Where can I meet you?

I’m a New Yorker through and through and call the Upper East Side my home.  I do spend a portion of every year traveling, and 2017 will see me in DC, Boston, London, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, and more.  I have a current passport and am always fond of an excuse to hop a flight and get to wake up someplace new and exciting (and with someone new and exciting!).

Will you accompany me on my business trip?

I would love to! I’m pretty self-sufficient and don’t require an official welcoming parade when I arrive. It’s possible for me to freshen up and be ready with a smile when you return from a long day of meetings. We can discuss the details upon request.

Why are your rates so high?

Well firstly, as I said above, I don’t love discussing money. But secondly, I’m confident in what I have to offer. I’m not the sort of boy to flake out on plans, try to upsell you on additional time, or show up intoxicated or run down. Think of it as the difference between renting a Kia or renting a Jaguar: they’re both going to deliver you to the same location. But one is going to smell like leather and warm up your seat, bringing you to your destination with style and precision. Something you can show off to your friends, instead of secretly parking down the block to avoid embarrassment.

Do you enjoy what you do?

More than I can explain in this little box.  This work has brought me to people and experiences I would never have found on my own and I am intensely grateful that I get to share such powerful and exceptional intimacy with such charming and sophisticated men.  I believe this work is what I was meant for.

What type of food do you like?

I am not a picky eater at all, although my stomach tends to disagree with this sentiment on occasion. Any cuisine that seems like it would be low in carbohydrates and high in protein is a perfect fallback. But there’s nothing I love more than getting to share food that is special to someone else.  Take me to your favorite spot and show me what’s amazing there.

What are your drink preferences?

I’ve been sober for several years now, so I’m strictly a seltzer man (occasionally a Roy Rogers if it’s a special occasion). But that should never dictate what you enjoy and it would spoil my time with you if I knew you were abstaining simply because I must.

I cannot afford you. What should I do?

There are a ton of fantastic companions available on sites all around the world. If you’re not convinced that I’m the guy for you, you should definitely go find one of them. I would hate for you to be on the fence about our time together or worried about watching the clock when there are so many better things you could be staring at.

But that’s no reason we shouldn’t stay connected. Sign up for my newsletter and tell me what you’re thinking in the comments at