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The Boyfriend Experience: What it means for companions and escorts, and what expectations should be. Originally published on Badwolf/Blog
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The Boyfriend Experience

The Boyfriend Exprience

The Boyfriend Experience is something that not all providers are going to pull off well. As an Elite Companion realm what it means is that I strive to facilitate is a safe, focused environment where I can really get to know something about the person I’m with.

I love having long talks about what their growing up experiences were like, or what they think their current relationships provide for them (or, in some cases, what they think their relationships are lacking). And because it’s me, we inevitably drift through topics like the first time they remember jacking off or what their pornography of choice is and why. Just because that stuff fascinates me. We talk about films they’ve loved, or books I should read (I get the bulk of my reading list meat from these talks), and it feels natural because it is natural. I’m not here to act like a boyfriend; I genuinely want to know who you are.

I try my best to avoid topics like religion and politics, because they can be divisive and deeply personal in a way that even sexual experiences aren’t always. Everyone I talk with about that rule thinks it’s because I must have some especially offensive religious/political leanings that I’m trying to keep secret, but the truth is that I keep that rule so that others feel safe and respected, even if our ideologies differ.

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See the sun rise and set and rise again, from the comfort of my arms. A full day together to spend any way we choose; the possibilities are nearly limitless.
Additional Day
Who says the fun has to stop? Additional Day bookings must be contiguous with either an Overnight or full Day booking, but offer a deeply discounted extension of an already brilliant time together. Please ask about discounts on longer extensions of our time.
I’m glad to reserve a space for us to meet, and ask only that you add an additional 200 (240 CAD) per evening to any package longer than One Hour (Regrettably, I’m unable to play host for single hour appointments).

I will handle reservations and payment – all you needto do is arrive on time.
First Date
It can be totally intimidating to meet someone for the first time. It's often a complete gamble of chemistry and comfort. Sometimes it can be a stress reliever to know that it’s ‘just dinner’ and that there’s no pressure or reason for anxiety.

I’m a firm believer that one can sense chemistry through conversation. Let’s get a bite and see how we click before an investment in a longer session.
My most favorite package. No rushing, nothing forced. I'm terrible at sharing with others; the idea that you’ll be all mine all night is such a turn on. And while I usually do need to sleep a realistic amount, the gift of waking up in the morning in a big, comfy bed with someone who’s ready for more is absolutely magical.
In an evening we can talk and truly get to know one another. That affords us time to lead into other activities at a natural, organic clip. I love getting to know about what gets you going while we’re both still dressed and civilized. Especially in public –there’s nothing hotter than the social restraints of being in mixed company.
Lunch Meeting
I’m more than happy to swing by your private office, hotel, or home for some more focused time than my other experiences may offer (doesn’t even have to be during lunchtime! But think how clever you’ll sound declining another invitation because you have a lunch meeting with me).
Single Hour
If all we’ve got is an hour together, let’s make the most of it. I know someone like you is exceptionally busy, and might not have more time to devote just yet.

We'll get there.