Badwolf | The Boyfriend Experience: Elite NYC Male Escort Tyler in New York
The Boyfriend Experience: What it means for companions and escorts, and what expectations should be. Originally published on Badwolf/Blog
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The Boyfriend Experience

The Boyfriend Exprience

The Boyfriend Experience is something that not all providers are going to pull off well. It is often a euphemism for ‘and also I’ll talk to you like a person for a little while, in addition.’ What it means to me is that I strive to facilitate is a safe, focused environment where I can really get to know something about the person I’m with.

I love having long talks about what their growing up experiences were like, or what they think their current relationships provide for them (or, in some cases, what they think their relationships are lacking). And because it’s me, we inevitably drift through topics like the first time they remember jacking off or what their pornography of choice is and why. Just because that stuff fascinates me. We talk about films they’ve loved, or books I should read ( get the bulk of my reading list meat from these talks), and it feels natural because it is natural. I’m not here to act like a boyfriend; I genuinely want to know who you are.

I try my best to avoid topics like religion and politics, because they can be divisive and deeply personal in a way that even sexual experiences aren’t always. Everyone I talk with about that rule thinks it’s because I must have some especially offensive religious/political leanings that I’m trying to keep secret, but the truth is that I keep that rule so that others feel safe and respected, even if our ideologies differ.



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